Tool Fire

How do I get there?

Tool Fire (Watermarks Series), Christopher Fennell, 2013. Welded metal hand tools, metal pipe. 12' H x 10' W x 7' Diameter Base.

Referencing the tremendous clean-up efforts by the community and volunteers, Fennell’s sculpture, entitled Tool Fire, is a construction of hand tools over the existing fire pit next to the suspension bridge. Each panel is built from tools welded together and painted black. Fennell intends the artwork to look like “waves within the fire.” Fennell was inspired by the stories he heard from the community about neighbors pitching in to clear houses of wet drywall and carpet. They would use any hand tools they could find and would leave them piled up in the streets for the next volunteer crew to use.

In 2015, Metro Arts commissioned literary, music and sound artists to create works inspired by public artworks. Sound artist Robbie Lynn Hunsinger “played” the trowels, shovels and rakes of Tool Fire transforming the sculpture itself into an instrument. The sounds produced by the sculpture were recorded and used to create the structure for the composition about the 2010 flood. 

Hunsinger is an award-winning new media artist, composer, maker, and multi-instrumentalist. Her installations have been exhibited at the Frist Center for Visual Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. 

Press the play button above to hear Hunsinger's composition.